Do Nation

In 2009, Hermione - Do Nation’s CEO - cycled from London to Morocco.

With a passion for sustainability (and a Masters in Environmental Technology that focused on pledging and behaviour change), she decided to use the trip to test out an idea...

Unlike many traditional causes, the environment needs action much more than it needs cash. For example, did you know that 42% of the UK's impact come from how we - as consumers, as employees, as citizens - behave?

So, instead of asking for traditional sponsorship, Hermione asked people to donate simple, sustainable actions to sponsor her trip - such as cycling to work or eating less meat. Which meant, instead of saving two flights’ worth of CO2 emissions, she saved the equivalent of 84’s worth!

The idea was a hit and became Do Nation. Since then, over 9,500 people have made nearly 18,500 pledges supporting other people's challenges (you can read about a few of them here). That's a saving of around 831 tonnes of carbon (or as much carbon as emitted by 1849 flights from London to New York).

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