ITV Previews Devil Mud Run

9 December 2014

We were really excited to welcome the team from ITV West Country up to the Devil Mud Run course last week for our TV debut!

Ken Goodwin and his crew visited the venue to film some unsuspecting volunteers throw themselves into a section of the course that included plunging into a deep trench of water, crawling through a small, dark, muddy tunnel and climbing a wall of tyres as well as running a fair bit.

The volunteers were then interviewed by Ken and they described how although it was extremely challenging, they had the time of their lives!

It was an extremely chilly day which added to the challenge (!) and once the filming had finished, the volunteers were extremely pleased to have a hot shower. Have a look at the photos to see how the bath looked once they’d finished though!

It was so fantastic for us as organisers to be able to see the course ‘in action’ and confirmed what we already knew – that it’s going to be such a great experience for everyone taking part but it will be a tough mental and physical challenge.

The video of the piece on ITV West Country has already been viewed by thousands of people, if you haven’t seen it yet then please visit our Facebook page to get a preview of some of the course.

Visit our gallery to see some photos of the event.


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