The Run

DEVIL MUD RUN is a hardcore, hilly 8 kilometre course featuring over 31 obstacles and gives you the chance to run across open, rugged countryside, through woods with plenty of mud and water thrown in!

Whether you’re competing on your own or in a group, participants of the Devil Mud Run will need true grit and determination to complete the course as both physical and mental strength, skill and stamina will be put to the test. To complete the course you will have to jump, climb, wade, crawl, slide, conquer hellish hills, stinking swamps and survive the Devil’s Playground!

The course is challenging enough for the most serious of competitors but will be an excellent achievement for any fun runners to complete too. Bring supporters along with you for a fun, family friendly day out!

Devil Mud Run. Mud, Sweat and Tears. Angels need not apply...

The Course

8 KM
31 Obstacles
4,000 Competitors per day

Your Reward


1 Goody Bag, Finishing Medal & T-Shirt


Mud is something your going to encounter throughout the course.

Any Mud That Sticks

17 & 18 SEPTEMBER 2016
  • Up and Running add to the Elite Race
    We want to say a huge thanks to store manager Pete at Cheltenham's Up and Running  store for his su…
  • Must have a medal
    We want to thank local gym and personal training guys Not only have they agreed to spon…
  • The Royal Oak on Tour
    The Royal Oak country pub in Gretton, Gloucestershire, has joined forces with the Devil Mud Run to b…
Devil Mud Run

Have a great bank holiday! If your racing, good luck, if your indulging, enjoy!!! 👹👹

Devil Mud Run

@SoMcNaughty @MartinWiggins some new surprises for everybody!! Slightly longer, but it's the extras in between that you'll love/hate!! 👹🏃💦

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